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【Lizjin】 OC Long-legged 25cm Plush Girl Doll With Lolita Dress,Free shipping

【Lizjin】 OC Long-legged 25cm Plush Girl Doll With Lolita Dress,Free shipping

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♡ Purchase Announcement♡

Name: Lizjin

Manufacturer: Xuzhou Gaopeng Toy

 Lizjin is still in pre-production sample revision, it will take about a month until the end of production, please wait a little bit,we are so sorry.

♡ About Lizjin

Hi, I'm Pennypoppy. I'm an illustrator, doll designer, and costume designer. I love cats.🐰Here is our OC long-legged girl doll sample.

Her name is Lizjin, Gemini, 25CM.She is a lively, smart, playful and passionate girl. She loves her bear toys very much and often goes out for outings, plays and afternoon tea with her bears. She treasures her bear friends and usually makes clothes for her bear friends during her breaks and wears "bestie" outfits with them.

You can change the hairstyle and dress for Lizjin. Her hair type is similar to that of a Barbie doll, and you can braid or style her hair in any way you like😆Her clothes can be put on and taken off, and wigs and clothes of different styles or colors can be changed. At the same time, I will also prepare illustrated postcards for you as a gift attached to the package.

For the doll we have no restrictions such as fixed templates or poses, they can be any shape and size.💕We also work as hard as possible to produce costumes for their dolls. Thank you for your love of Lizjin.


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