• Design drawing

    We will make the product according to the design drawing, so usually we need the front, side and back view of the design,in order to restore or make the product better.

  • Pattern making

    The design will be converted to the plane graph through measurement and positioning. After determining the specifications and dimensions, we will draw the patterns on hard kraft paper, then cut them out and lay them on the cloth for modeling.

  • Printing

    If the design needs printing, we will confirm the patterns in advance and print the cloth before cutting. The common methods of it are screen printing and heat transfer printing.

  • Embroidery

    If the design needs embroidery, we will confirm the patterns and positions of the embroidery in advance, then use the professional software to draw the patterns on the computer and embroider them directly by the machine.

  • Laser cutting

    On the basis of the plate we have made, we will cut the cloth according to its shape. Generally speaking, a single sample will be cut by hand to ensure delicacy, but bulk products will be cut by machine to ensure efficiency.

  • Sewing

    After cutting all the cloth,we will stitch different parts together. If there is a need for hemming and special sewing, we will use the specific machine to do that.

  • Filling cotton

    We will leave a small opening during the sewing process, it would be used for turning the cloth over and aiming at the cotton-filling machine. After cotton stuffing, the product will be plump and soft to touch.

  • Quality control

    After the product is made, we will carry out the quality inspection for it(mass products will also be checked one by one). We will inspect products for damage or missing parts until there is no problem, and proceed to the next step.

  • Package

    Pack or box the checked products according to customers’ requirements. Then we will wrap the boxes to prevent dampness and when everything is ready,we will contact the deliveryman to send the products safely to you.

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Professional Custom Design Service

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