About Us

    We are Xuzhou Gaopeng Toy co.,LTD,a company which specialize in plush customization.It is mainly responsible for design planning, advertising, gifts and other services, and is committed to completing the intelligent customized services required and completed by each person, each family, and each organization. We provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in different fields such as plush toys, clothing, and home furnishings, and cooperate with ecological partners to continue to produce value for customers,release personal potential, and enrich family life. We insist on continuous innovation around customer needs, increase investment in basic research, and help customers continue to make progress.Our business covers more than 170 countries and regions.

   With more than 20 years of manufacturing history,the company has a complete design and sales system, an advanced production line and can accept sample customization and mass production of plush related products. It also has a variety of personalized services, including design, packaging, branding, etc. The main products are customization of mascots,dolls, bags, pillows, blankets, slippers and other plush products.

   We provide some plus services,like completing the sample in 7-20 days and modifying the sample for the coustomers . The products of it are made of high-quality environmentally friendly fabrics and filled with environment-friendly safe PP cotton. As a result,they are cute and interesting, three-dimensional and full, and the images of them are highly restored. They are soft and skin-friendly, delicate and breathable at the same time. Also the filling of them is light and fluffy, with good resilience characteristics. The whole process adopts automatic production, it uses electric embroidery, silk screen thermal transfer technology, exquisite workmanship to make their products to make sure them highly ornamental.

   In the future 2022 to 2027,Xuzhou Gaopeng Toy co.,LTD will expand the scale and categories, add more suppliers, create independent company IP and the independent brand image, provide advertising, design, product and other solutions to grow together with customers. We will also  create a world-renowned online celebrity supply chain management to help customers .